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Tunisian Embassy in Norway
Tunisian Embassy in Norway
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Tunisian economy

Economic structural adjustment

For decades, Tunisia has recorded an average growth rate of 5%. Furthermore, despite the intensification of the world debt problem, Tunisia has managed to reduce its total debt burden. During the last few years, Tunisia has been frequently cited by international financial institutions as”a success story” in terms of economic structural adjustment.

The main Tunisian exports are crude oil, minerals, manufactured goods, and agricultural products, including its internationally renowned olive oil. Tourism, in its turn, generates considerable resources. Tunisia ‘s primary partners are EU countries and the Maghreb countries.

Tunisia’s thriving economy creates an attractive atmosphere for investors from the European Union, Japan and the United states. About 2,600 foreign firms have direct investments in or joint ventures with Tunisian companies. Many of these firms have been attracted by Tunisia’s proximity and preferential trading relations with the European Union and the Arab Maghreb Union, as well as by its highly skilled human resources and the investment Code which offers foreign investors considerable incentives and exemptions. The administrative formalities to obtain the necessary licenses have considerably been facilitated.

Currently ranked among emerging countries, Tunisia has adopted a development model based on modernity, on women’s contribution and on education as a priority sector for investment. This has made possible to develop a diversified economy where top high tech sectors are among the most advanced in the African continent.

After the Tunisian Revolution of 14th January 2011, the G8 pledged support fund to boost the Tunisian economy, severely affected  by the latest  events during the revolution. On the development side, the government has carried out an ambitious program for 2012 for the benefit of the  disadvantaged regions of the country, especially to create jobs and improve infrastructure.

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